Wiseman Productions is a sibling run video production company based in Exeter, UK and established in 2012. We tend to create content for charities, trusts and artists. We have always had a penchant for the bigger picture and the minutiae that the consists of. 
'Us' Documentary came about when younger brother Dan was wondering around the luscious fields of OffGrid Festival in glorious Devon back in 2017, trading his filming skills for a family festival ticket.. With the theme of the festival being based around a more sustainable world and a lifelong constant human curiosity about our collective fate, Dan got a 'lightbulb, bee in his bonnet, road to Damascus' moment and returned to base exclaiming he just knew they needed to make a film around what  they considered vital and timely questions: If you could change the world, what would that look like and how do people think we can achieve it? Are humans fundamentally the same in terms of hopes and aspirations and if so what makes their beliefs about how to achieve them so different?
They carried on with things as they pondered the idea of creating a visual census of that very concept and over the coming months - 'Us' was born
Upon returning to OffGrid Festival the following year Dan shot the first few interviews for the film and so the journey truly began! Since then more than 40 interviews have been shot and many more are lined up with submissions now being accepted in any medium that conveys the answers. If you want to submit your answers the questions then contact us.

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