Wiseman Productions is a sibling run film making and video production company based in Exeter, UK and established in 2012 - Yes! We are celebrating our ten year milestone!
'Us' Documentary came about when Dan was wondering around the luscious fields of OffGrid Festival in glorious Devon back in 2017. With the theme of the festival being based around a more sustainable world and Dan's constant curiosity about what kind of world we could create if we put our collective minds to it, Dan pondered the idea of creating a visual census of that very concept: If you could change the world, what would that look like and how do people think we get to their vision.
Upon returning to OffGrid Festival the following year Dan shot the first few interviews for 'Us' and so it's journey began! Those interviews sat for a while on a proverbial dusty shelf whilst the juggernaut of life swept away two years. Since then 25 interviews have been shot and many more are lined up. With diverse viewpoints from a sales manager, a hip-hop artist, an MP and a Shaolin monk amongst many others - and with many more participants lined up -there's a strong foundation for an insightful film and online resource.
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